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Why Do Guys Paint Their Nails Black

Why Do Guys Paint Their Nails Black Many people want to know why men wear black nail polish. Are you also wondering why 21st-century men normalize painting their nails black? There are multiple reasons behind it. Moreover, to your wonder, it is not only a fashion trend. It holds many incredible views behind it. From nose piercings to painting nails, men adopted many trends specified for women only. Please stick to the blog post to see its root causes and why this change is taking place.

Let’s look at why certain people nowadays are promoting the use of black nail polish:

Profession Significance of Black Nail Polish
Fighters For protecting nails
Rappers Confidence boost/ statement
Guitarists Nail hardening purpose
Musicians/ Actors Trend/Statement
Models Fashion Statement

The postmodern age has introduced countless trends. Before the 21st century, women endeavored to break all the patriarchal stereotypes in their society. However, 21st century exposed the stereotypes that men themselves were victims of.

From the beginning, women were objectified with fancy materials to attract women. However, the feministic attitude changed the concept, and women started wearing jewelry for their pleasure. Consequently, this revolution impacted a lot of men as well. Since jewelry and make-up enhance beauty, men also wanted to try them out. However, the stereotypical societies created trouble for them.

Men who painted their nails were also criticized. To eliminate this cruel behavior, men started protesting against such stereotypes. Let’s get a deep insight into the changes brought up by men painting their nails black. You will also find out the reasons behind this trend.

1) LGBTQ Community

Black Nails On Men 194x300 Guys who belong to the LGBTQ community mostly paint their nails. Gays love trying out jewelry and make-up. Transgender men try out nail polish to specify their identification. The LGBTQ community did not only normalize homosexuality but unusual trends as well. 

According to the LGBTQ community, anyone can wear anything they want. Society cannot limit trends to women only. Men deserve to try out everything that attracts them. Consequently, LGBTQ men started normalizing painting their nails. 

LGBTQ men also wear nail paint to represent their sexuality. Gays love wearing nail paint for their identification. 

However, black nail polish is specifically used. Since it is men’s favorite color, they love to use black nail paint. However, LGBTQ men use other nail paints as well. 

2) To Fight Against Sexual Assault

You must be familiar with the “Polished Men Movement.” If not, then here you go! The Polished Men Movement was meant to show care and support for children who faced sexual assault. The hashtag movement was a top trend on Twitter as well. Men supporting this movement painted their nails black to show their kind concerns for harrassed children.

You must be wondering how painting nails black shows support for harrassed children. Firstly, the black color specifies despair and struggles. That is why only black color was chosen for this movement. Secondly, anyone who used this hashtag showed they were sorry for assaulted ones. Since numerous people joined this movement, the victimized children felt a sense of support. 

It also helped these children see that good people still exist. So, the Polished Men Movement was an incredible initiative. Even today, many men paint their nails black to show their support for sexually victimized children. 

3) To Break Stereotypes

Men With Black Nails 1024x538 Today, men tend to normalize good things. Previously, men were considered weak for crying or giving up on certain things. That said, men were not allowed to cry. However, men spoke against it and normalized crying. Since they are humans, they can be weak too. Similarly, people considered men gay and feminine for painting their nails. 

Society saw it as a sign of weakness and mocked them. It not only angered men but fueled their fire for justice and equality. As a result, men started painting their nails more often. They have normalized it to an extent that men painting their nails black is seen as something cool rather than weak. It was a real struggle that paid off. 

4) Social Media Trends

Since fashion icons and models love experimenting with their outfits, they also normalized painting nails. Actors and models were seen wearing black nail polish to identify men as strong and daring. Men’s self-portraits with nails painted black became a social media sensation. Hence, social media trends also normalized men painting their nails black. 

To Show Support To LGBTQ Community

When the LGBTQ community started protesting for their rights, straight people tended to show solidarity and support for them. Men also took part in this movement. Men painted their nails to show society that they stand with gays and transgender men. So, nail polish signified that there is nothing wrong with the LGBTQ community and that they can live according to their lifestyle. Some men prefer black nail paint because they find it more attractive. Some even wore other colors. So, this movement also showed that men could paint their nails black (or any color.)

5) Simply Because Men Like It

Today, men love experimenting with their personalities. We see men getting nose piercings and wearing jewelry because they love it. Similarly, they also love wearing nail polish. So, they paint their nails black or any other color they like. 

Rappers and singers also paint their nails since it has become a trend. So, their fans also love it. That is why rap fans love painting their nails.

6) Black Signifies Strongness

Black color is seen as a solid color. Men prefer wearing black because they want to show that they are strong. The black color also indicates the dominating rank of men in society. It is considered cool and classic too. So, men mostly prefer to go with black nail paint color. 


Q1) Is Someone Gay If He Paints His Nails Black?

No, all men can paint their nails black. It does not mean that they are gay. They may be supporting the “Polished Men Movement,” “LGBTQ Community,” or wearing it for their pleasure. 

Q2) Can Men Paint Their Nails, Black?

Yes, men can paint their nails black. They can paint their nails with any nail paint color. 

Q3) Am I Gay If I Want To Paint My Nails?

Not at all. It is humane to experiment with your nails. Painting nails does not remove your masculinity. You can do anything you want to. 

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