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Promar 200 Vs Promar 400

If you plan to paint your house or office, ProMar paints are an excellent choice for a high-quality finish at a reasonable cost. With minimum environmental impact, achieve long-lasting, smooth, high-performance coatings. ProMar paints provide adequate covering, workability, washability, and durability.

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Their two most prominent paint brands are Promar 200 and ProMar 400. 

People are unsure if they should purchase ProMar 200 or 400 paint for renovation, while others are intrigued about the differences.

Features Comparison Table

Take a look at the comparison table below for the features of both the paints. It might be challenging to choose the proper color for your external walls. There are various types of paint to pick from, but the most important considerations are listed below.

Features ProMar 200 ProMar 400
Marine Paint
Protective Qualities
Needs Primer
Longer Drying Period
Colour Range

From the table, we can conclude:

1) Marine Paints

Marine Paints From the table, it is clear that ProMar 400 and ProMar 200 both are marine paints.

ProMar 400 can endure extreme conditions, including saltwater, sunlight, and wind. 

ProMar 200 is likewise a marine paint. However, it lacks the same level of protection as ProMar 400.

2) Sheen

Shine Of Paint ProMar 200 paint has a more extraordinary shine than ProMar 400 color in glossiness.

3) Durability

Promar 200 outshines ProMar 400 when it comes to durability. It’s also a little more long-lasting than Promar 400 paint, a bonus.

4) Pricing

The price is the most crucial distinction between ProMar 200 and ProMar 400 paints. While ProMar 400 paint is less expensive, it does not work as well with oil stains.

5) Primer


ProMar 200 paint does not require priming and may be used to paint a considerable area. 

6) Shelf-life

Furthermore, it has a longer rack life, allowing you to keep it in your studio for longer.

In comparison to ProMar 400, ProMar 200 dries significantly more evenly. This is an excellent choice if you require a paint that dries quickly.

7) Range of colors

Similarly, ProMar 200 paint is available in a broader range of colors than ProMar 400 paint.

ProMar 200

Promar 200 240x300 Professionals have relied on ProMar 200 for over two decades to create a high-quality finish that endures the test of time. 

This product is ideal for interior use on primed plaster, wallboard, wood, masonry, and primed metal because it has the perfect balance of scrub ability and resistance.

ProMar 200 also shines to your precise standards, so you can be confident that the project you accomplish now will last for years.

Water-resistantThe paint is highly viscous.
It lasts a more extended period.It takes a long period to dry, approximately 24-hours. 
The color is also environmentally safe and healthful because it does not include volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
It is resistant to outside factors such as direct sunlight and rain.
This acrylic paint is excellent for exterior tasks.
ProMar 200 is known for professional quality, Long-term durability, and maximum productivity.
It also has a mild odor, ideal for those with allergies or delicate respiratory systems.

ProMar 400

Promar 400 Customers committed to ProMar 400 now have the ideal solution for works requiring strict VOC compliance.

ProMar 400 Zero VOC Interior Latex Paint provides quality, efficiency, and dependability, including good hiding and touch-up, but it also has zero VOCs.

ProMar 400 is water-based latex paint.It is only suitable for ceilings.
It also acts as a barrier that covers the surface. It takes up to four coats for proper coverage.
It gives a high-quality, long-lasting finish with a professional appearance.
It may be used on several characters. Ceilings, wallboard, primed metal, masonry, primed plaster, and wood all benefit.
ProMar 400 paint features a sealant that protects against mold and damp damage.

Price Comparison

The ProMar 200 price ranges from $24 to $30 a gallon, depending on the finish. A flat finish is the best value, and a smooth finish is perhaps the most pricey.

Although ProMar 400 costs $13 a gallon and is comparatively cheaper, its coverage is poor and less durable.


The paint and the application are crucial elements to consider while painting the outside of your home. It would help if you also chose the long-lasting and highly glossy color.

ProMar 200 is perhaps the most popular wall paint since it is cost-effective and high-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Has the ProMar 200 finished in satin?

ProMar 200 is a satin latex interior wall paint.

Q2) Is there a primer that goes with ProMar 400?

A primer base for bare plasters and already painted surfaces, ProMar 400 Interior Latex Primer, is a primer base for basic applications and already painted surfaces. Prepares and seals the surface in preparation for an excellent finish.

Q3) Is there any primer in ProMar 200?

Information on the product Interior latex primer ProMar 200 is a long-lasting professional acrylic-vinyl primer for interior applications. Prepares and seals the surface in preparation for an excellent finish. For a comprehensive system, use the ProMar series latex interior finish.

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