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Popcorn Ceiling Vs Textured Ceiling

The variety of ceiling designs has made it challenging for people to choose the best ceilings for the space. However, the top ceilings are still famous, and no other design can compete with their popularity. The most famous ceilings are “Popcorn Ceiling and Textured Ceiling.”

Popcorn Ceilings However, the textured ceiling is installed chiefly these days. The reason is the ban on popcorn ceilings in many countries. To know why some countries banned popcorn ceilings, stick to the end of the blog post.

Even though popcorn and textured ceilings are widely known, there is still much confusion about them. Many people do not know the differences between both. You may be here because you are also concerned about their differences. Cheer up, old chums! We have everything at our end to differentiate between these two ceilings. 

Feature Comparison of Popcorn Ceiling Vs Textured Ceiling

Features Popcorn Ceiling Textured Ceiling
Content Asbestos Styrofoam
Patterns Limited Patters Knockdown & Orange Peel
Beauty Looks outdated Looks more advanced and appealing
Quality Both are same Both are same
Acoustic Properties more acoustic less acoustic
Safety Concerns Less safe because of asbestos Very safe

Aim Of Textured And Popcorn Ceiling

Although both the ceilings differ in contents, they are used for the same purpose. Their primary work is to cover the flaws of the ceiling and hide cracks. They keep your ceiling safe and make it look flawless and stylish. They are also used for acoustic purposes. 

Difference Between Popcorn And Textured Ceiling

Let’s see how popcorn and textured ceilings are different from each other. Below are some significant variations that can be observed in both the ceilings.

Popcorn Vs Textured

1) Difference In Contents

The significant difference between popcorn and textured ceilings is the difference in contents. 

Ceiling Major Content
Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos
Textured Ceiling Styrofoam

Popcorn Ceiling contains asbestos in its contents. Asbestos is a harmful component of this ceiling. One of its major drawbacks is its effect on the human lungs. It can cause lung cancer and chest diseases. Hence, it has been banned by many countries. 

Textured Ceiling contains Styrofoam. Styrofoam replaced asbestos. Since asbestos was removed, the textured ceiling gained more popularity. People started replacing the popcorn ceiling with textured ceilings. 

2) Difference In Patterns

Both the ceilings vary in design. 

The Popcorn Ceiling is limited to one design only. Its design was created with a spray gun. Its small popcorn-like pattern was considered fancy before it was banned. 

Textured Ceiling is not limited to one design only. It comes in a variety of textures. Its most famous layout is like that of orange and eggs. That is why it is also referred to as orange peel texture. Its most famous designs are as follows:

  • Knockdown Design
  • Orange Peel Design

3) Safety Concerns

Since Popcorn Ceiling has asbestos, it is not safe at all. Due to this drawback, it was banned by many countries. Many people replaced it with a textured ceiling. 

The Styrofoam in the textured ceiling makes it much safer than the popcorn ceiling. That is why people install textured ceilings instead of popcorn ceilings.

4) Comparison Of Beauty

The Popcorn Ceiling is beautiful, yet it seems outdated at the present moment. So many ceiling patterns have overtaken the beauty of ceilings. So, the popcorn ceiling is put back. 

Textured Ceiling looks remarkably beautiful due to its variety of designs. It also looks more advanced and appealing. Moreover, it gives your home a vintage look. Hence, it is perfect for light and dark academia lovers.

5) Difference In Quality

There isn’t much difference in the quality of both the ceilings. Both of them are reliable.

The Popcorn Ceiling is long-lasting. It can cover all the flaws of your ceiling for an extended period. 

Textured Ceiling is reliable. It is advanced as well. Over time, the manufacturers update its contents to make it more reliable. 

6) Difference In Prices

Textured and popcorn ceilings are both reasonable. There is only a minor difference in the price of both the ceilings.

Ceiling Price
Popcorn Ceiling Cheaper
Textured Ceiling A Little Costly

7) Difference In Acoustic Properties

Both the ceilings make your space safe. They can absorb sound. Hence, you do not get disturbed by the sound made by people living in upper-story apartments. You can also listen to music at a high volume without disturbing neighbors. 

  • The Popcorn Ceiling is more acoustic. 
  • Textured Ceiling is less acoustic. 

Popcorn Ceiling

The Popcorn Ceiling is bumpy, uneven, and rough-textured. Experts use a spray gun to craft its design. It has a popcorn-like texture. Many people know it as “Acoustic or Stipple Ceiling.”

Popcorn Ceilings

Textured Ceilings

The Textured Ceiling is rough and unevenly textured. Unlike popcorn ceiling, it comes in many layouts. It is an advanced form of popcorn ceiling.”

Textured Ceiling

Need To Hire An Expert

You need to hire an expert to install these ceilings. 

If you try to install a popcorn ceiling yourself, you might create a mess. Hence, your floor will be all messy with a permanent material. It will get challenging to remove it perfectly. So, you need to hire an expert for Popcorn Ceiling. You also need an expert to avoid health issues. Since this ceiling is harmful, it may affect your respiratory system while you install it. 

You need to hire an expert for installing textured ceilings. Only an expert can craft perfect swirls on your ceiling. So, it is better to rely on an experienced person instead of doing it yourself.


Q1) Is Popcorn Ceiling harmful?

Yes! It leads you to respiratory diseases (such as lung cancer.) It contains asbestos which can disturb your chest cavity. 

Q2) Is Popcorn Ceiling outdated?

Yes, the popcorn ceiling is outdated. However, it is still installed by many people due to its reliability. 

Q3) How Can I Attain A Vintage Ceiling?

You can attain a vintage ceiling by installing popcorn or textured ceilings. 

Q4) Can I Install A Textured Ceiling Yourself?

Only an expert can install textured perfectly. If you do it yourself, you might end up creating a mess.

How to remove Textured Ceiling:

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