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Best Paint For Concrete Pool Deck

Hope that you agree when we say:

 “Memories made at the pool last a lifetime” 

There is no doubt in saying that spending time with your loved ones adds happiness to your life.  So, if you are a pool owner also your kids like to do some creative projects. Then why don’t you transform the appearance of your pool deck? Not only it will create some memories, but the concrete deck also adds worth to your home. However, choosing the perfect paint for a concrete pool deck can be an arduous task for you.

Thereupon, for your convenience, we have brought you some versatile yet affordable concrete deck paints. In today’s article, you will find a detailed buying guide and deck paint specifications. It will facilitate you in buying the deck paint of your choice.

Things to keep in mind before buying Concrete Pool Deck Paints:

  • Paint Type: Before you decide on the paint type first know the material of the pool deck. As paint type changes with the difference in deck material. For instance, the common choices are water-based, acrylic, and oil paints. We recommend the water-based deck paint because it renders durability and quality.
  • Durability: You need to select the deck paint which gives a surety of protecting the deck against UV rays. Because when the rays of the sun constantly reach the deck surface it becomes prone to peeling. Also, the deck paint should be able to safeguard from the harsh chemicals that come from water.
  • Price Range: The price of the deck paint is another factor to consider since the expensive ones can sometimes perform a poor job. However, you can freely choose any concrete deck paint mentioned in this write-up.

Best Paint for Concrete Pool Deck in 2022:

Here’s our list of top paints for concrete pool decks laid out for you:

Floor-Tex 40 Textured Concrete Coating9.5/10 (Editor's Choice) Check Price
INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Paint9/10 Check Price
TotalBoat Non-Skid Deck Paint 8.7/10 Check Price
Kelly Technical Deck Paint8.5/10 Check Price
INSL-X TuffCrete Acrylic Paint8.5/10 Check Price
Cool Pool deck coating8/10 Check Price
In the Swim patio7.7/10 Check Price
Rust-Oleum Deck Paint7.5/10 Check Price
Liquid Rubber Cool Deck Paint 7.5/10 Check Price
KILZ L378701 Concrete Paint7.2/10 Check Price
RTG Deck Paint7/10 Check Price

 Have a look at our FAQs for more information. 

1. Floor-Tex 40 Textured Concrete Coating 

Floor Tex 40 Textured Concrete

Why we love it: 

  • Oil/ Acrylic
  • Adhesion
  • Effortless spread
  • Custom shades
  • Durability 

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✅Designed with the unique formula that dries up quickly after application ❌The thick layer of the paint can give a shoddy finish
✅The packaging of this paint contains all the important things for the deck❌There may be a slight change of the colour tone
✅This Floor- Tex coating fills up any holes and crack 
✅The coating provides resistance to chlorine, oil, moisture and salt
✅It keeps you away from slippering and skidding

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2. INSL-X TuffCrete Acrylic Paint

Insl X Cst230809a 01

Why we love it: 

  • 5 Colours
  • Interior/Exterior 
  • Masonry protection
  • Water-based
  • Non-fading

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✅This water-based formula has quite a fast drying process❌The recoat time is 4 hours which is longer than usual for paints
✅You can use INSL-X TuffCrete paint on both concrete and wooden pool decks.❌It may get chipped in the long run
✅Like other patio paints, it is also an expert in providing non-slip after look
✅It has made for the protection of your pool deck from damage
✅Applying this paint gives you a non-skid deck so that you can walk freely.

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3. TotalBoat Non-Skid Deck Paint

Totalboat Tb Treadgg Non Skid Deck Paint

Why we love it: 

  • Reasonable
  • Gritty finish
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Prevents moisture
  • Chemically safe

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✅The brand gives surety to give the same type of finish in the long run❌You may feel little slipperiness on the deck pool with this paint
✅It is not susceptible to fading, chipping and peeling.❌The dirt may develop after some time 
✅This TotalBoat non-skid paint shows versatility on different surfaces as well.
✅There is an option of different colours for you to choose from. 
✅The paint can be applied evenly by either roller or a brush

4. Kelly Technical Olympic paint 

Kelley Technical Olympic Patio

Why we love it: 

  • Anti-slip
  • Resists chipping
  • Professional touch
  • Budget-friendly
  • Penetrate deeply

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✅There is no requirement of mixing the paint before you start its application❌It may become a bit slippery
✅It goes with almost every kind of pool surfaces❌May need a professional for painting your deck
✅The deck paint by Kelly Technical takes less curing time than other such paints
✅A durable and advanced formula that provides your deck textured finish
✅It contains no harmful substances and foul odour

5. INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Coating

Insl X Su031009a 01 Sure Step

Why we love it: 

  • Water-based
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Fast recoat 
  • Exceptional shades
  • Floor coat

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✅It seems to be ideal paint for various types of pools. ❌It may not able to cover the large deck area
✅The paint colours come in mixed condition and do not require any primer❌May take a month for drying 
✅This INSL-X Sure step paint is free from toxic chemicals to protect your health. 
✅From neutrals to dark shades are present to choose from
✅After the paint application, you can wash your pool deck with simply water and soap 
✅It is meant to deliver matte or flat shine to the deck

6. Cool Pool deck coating 

Cool Pool Deck Coating 200 Sq

Why we love it: 

  • High durability 
  • Minimize heat
  • Bundle Pack
  • Environmentally safe
  • Smooth application 

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✅This deck paint does not make the surface slippery while it’s covered with snow❌The drying period is quite long which ranges i.e. up to 48 hours
✅The best paint for concrete pool deck proffers you a good range of colour variety ❌It may get thick quickly while applying
✅It provides you protection against any break on the deck
✅Your pool will now be safe from weeds growth with this paint
✅The bundle pack contains a gallon of Cleaner and half a gallon of sealer.

7. In the Swim Patio and Deck

In The Swim Patio

Why we love it: 

  • Non-slip look
  • Alluring colors
  • Water-based
  • Maximize protection
  • Low odor

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✅It can combat abrasion, weathering and moisture.❌It takes a day to dry which may not be a favourable feature for you.
✅The water-based paint stays for a longer duration❌The swim pool deck coating reviews depict that it is somewhat pricey
✅This comes with easy to apply detail guidance for beginners  
✅It consists of distinctive properties which make the deck cool in hot seasons
✅There is no toxic substance included in this deck paint

8. Rust-Oleum Sunset Decorative Coating

Rust Oleum 301303

Why we love it: 

  • 128 oz
  • Smooth finish
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-staining
  • Non-skid
  • Epoxy protection

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✅It is designed for both interiors as well as exterior surfaces like walkways and basements.❌It may not be suitable for asphalt
✅You can opt for this paint for previously or untouched pool deck❌It is not budget-friendly
✅The formula of Rust-Oleum deck paint gives safety against water
✅It renews and intensifies the look of your pool deck
✅This paint arrives in 4 different tones to pick your favourite one easily

9. Liquid Rubber Cool Deck Paint

Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck

Why we love it: 

  • No solvent
  • Water-based
  • Heat reduction
  • Various sizes
  • No VOC

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✅Your desired finish will achieve by applying only 1 or 2 coats❌It may give small coverage in comparison with others
✅The Liquid Rubber paint offers different shades so that you can select according to your need or desire❌The paint may get dried while applying
✅The application tips are provided which makes it an uncomplicated process
✅It will not be heavy on your pocket.
✅This water-based deck paint is nature friendly with no toxic substances

10. KILZ L378701 Concrete Paint

Kilz L378701

Why we love it: 

  • 128 oz
  • Matte/Flat finish 
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex material
  • Quick-drying

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✅The decorative paint that can be used for interior and exterior surfaces❌The paint may peel after few months of application
✅The non-slip nature makes it a good choice for pool deck ❌It may need more than 2 coats at a time.
✅The KILZ concrete paint contains the special formula and latex material
✅It can give you the coverage of approx. 50 sq. ft per gallon
✅You can apply this paint on damp surfaces as well

11. RTG Deck Paint

Rtg Deck Porch Patio

Why we love it: 

  • Low Odour
  • Robust nature
  • The USA made
  • Textured look
  • Multipurpose

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✅It binds firmly with the concrete surfaces to inhibit chipping❌The paint may peel within months
✅The polyurethane formulation can be used on various surfaces❌In comparison with other paints, it is somewhat pricey
✅With this eco-friendly deck paint, your kids will stay away from toxins
✅It smells pleasant which means you can paint your deck without wearing any mask
✅It comes in 4 subtle colours like white and grey


All in all, we tried to deliver you most of the information regarding the concrete pool deck coatings reviews. As investing in durable paint can be beneficial for you and your deck in long run. We guarantee you that once you finish reading this article. You will be able to decide the perfect option for your deck. For this fact, we have listed top-rated concrete deck paints that are not only eco-friendly but also precisely resistant.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the best paint for a concrete pool deck? 

All the 3 types including oil-based, water-based, and acrylic deck paints are the top options for your deck. The one that provides more durability and protection can be the right pick

Q2.  How do you paint a concrete pool deck?

You must be wondering how to paint a concrete pool deck? Let us inform you that the process is quite simple. Start with cleaning the deck area and apply the paint with a brush or roller. Then leave it to cure for a day and apply another coat if necessary. 

Q3. Can you resurface the concrete pool deck?

Yes, you can resurface the concrete pool deck in case you are not satisfied with filling up the cracks only. Another coat can proffer a decorative look to your deck.

Q4. Can you paint a cement pool?

Yes, the deck paint can be applied on various surfaces including cement pool as well.

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