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Kilz Vs Zinsser

Today, a massive range of interior and exterior design products is present. Hardware markets are specially packed with stores that provide such facilities. However, some companies are globally popular in this regard. Two such companies are Kilz and Zinsser. Both these companies offer high-quality paints and repair products.

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However, some people want to know the difference between both the companies. Is Zinsser better than Kilz? Or is Kilz better than Zinsser? Well, both companies are good. However, before we differentiate them, we must get to know them briefly. So, let’s see what the hype is about!

Features Kilz Zinsser
Reliability 9/10 10/10
Protective Qualities 7/10 9/10
Consistency 9/10 7/10
Durability 9/10 9/10
Needs Primer
Longer Drying Period
Colour Range 10/10 9/10

Product Comparison: Zinsser Primer vs. Kilz

Are you finding it hard to choose the paints of one company out of so many? Cheer up! We have the best options for you. You must pick paint products from Kilz or Zinsser. 

The most important details are mentioned in the blog post for your convenience. You can choose any one of these companies after reading this blog post. So, let’s see what Kilz and Zinsser offer you!

In-depth Feature Comparison of Kilz vs. Zinsser

Let’s see the differences between Kilz and Zinsser paints!

1) Reliability

Paint Coverage Kilz and Zinsser are reliable. Both the companies produce high-quality paints. However, Zinsser ensures the premium quality of paints. These primers are an absolute favorite pick. People from all over the world shop from Zinsser because of its quality. 

Kilz is also an excellent company and reliable too. It also offers you reliability and guarantees pro-quality primers. DIY lovers prefer to go for Kilz instead of Zinsser. 

2) Reasonable

Kilz and Zinsser provide brand new and original primers. It is apparent that they are a little expensive too. Since they sell premium primers, they demand more than local brand paints. 

However, Zinsser is more expensive than Kilz. Its price is three times the price of Kilz. If you find Kilz paint at $10 per gallon, you will find only a quarter of Zinsser paint in that range. 

In a nutshell, Zinsser is very expensive, but its quality is worth it. 

3) Quality

The most important part of Zinsser and Kilz is their quality. They always guarantee ultra-quality primers. They are not only reliable but durable and flawless too. They stick to your walls for an extended period and do not peel off unless something unusual happens. 

However, Zinsser is a go-to paint if you want a paint that does not peel off. It sticks so firmly to your wall that it can withstand unusual conditions. Moreover, it does not need additional material. For instance, you do need to apply sand first. In fact, you can use it directly, and it will stick greatly to your walls. On the other hand, Kilz Paints peel off if you do not apply sand beneath them. 

Therefore, Zinsser is more significant due to its quality. However, Kilz primer is good quality paint if you want an affordable one. 

4) Thick and Thin

Thickness Of Paint

The thickness of paint matters when choosing good paint. If the paint is thick, it will demand a lot of energy. It will take more time to apply thick paint than thin paint. 

Kilz primers are slightly thick. They require more effort. Moreover, thick paints do not cover much area. Thin primers help you to color as much area as you can. 

Zinsser paints are thin as compared to Kilz. They can be applied easily. Due to their thinness, you get to paint as many walls as possible. 

5) Durability

Primers of both, Kilz and Zinsser are durable. They last for an extended period. Due to their adhesion, high quality, and uniqueness, they last for an extended period. You can rely on these companies for reliable paints. 

Zinsser is a bit more reliable. Due to its outstanding durability, it lasts for very long. On the other hand, Kilz is durable too. However, it is less stable than Zinsser. That is why it costs less than Zinsser.


Zinsser Primer Zinsser is one of the most significant companies. It sells a great variety of products that let you design your homes and offices uniquely. 

Primers and paints are the primary products of Zinsser. However, it also manufactures excellent coatings and repairers. You can find incredible seals at their stores.

In a nutshell, Zinsser aims to produce good quality products for painters. 


Kilz Primer Kilz produces repairing products and paints. These items help you attain flawless walls. If you want to renovate your space, then Kilz is the best choice to do so. You can find high-quality paints, coatings, and renovation items there. It is also best for DIY lovers. 

Variety Of Products

Zinsser and Kilz offer numerous products. Here is the variety of products that both companies provide:

Kilz Zinsser
Primers Primers
Paints Paints 
Coatings Coatings
Woodcare Products Sealing Products

You can find almost all paint products on Kilz and Zinsser. Those mentioned above are their primary products. 

Other brand new products that you can buy from Zinsser and Kilz are:

  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Sprays

Zinsser Primary Product- Paints

Kilz and Zinsser are mostly known for their excellent paints. These paints are available in a wide variety of colors. You can find all shades of every color in their products. They are available in different sizes as well. 

Both the companies have categorized their paints. You can find interior and exterior primers at Kilz and Zinsser. 

The interior primers are manufactured to keep the interior design perfect. In comparison, exterior primers contain contents that can withstand severe environmental conditions


Kilz and Zinsser primers are incredible. However, they are still different in many aspects. With this blog, you can choose the paint you found better. It is evident that Zinsser is better. However, if you want good paint at low prices, Kilz is also a great company. The other products of these companies are also great. You will love their rollers and brushes.

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