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Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin Williams

The Home Depot offers numerous products. One of its primary products is paints. However, it also sells paints from other brands. Since it sells paints of other brands as well, you must be wondering if it sells Sherwin Williams Paint or not. The answer is “No.” Sherwin Williams Paint is a trendy brand, yet Home Depot does not sell its paint at its stores.

I can’t find Sherwin Williams Paint From Home Depot- what to do?

Sherwin Williams Paint 300x240 You can find Sherwin Williams paints in their store. You have the chance to order them online as well.

If you live nearby their store, you can buy paints from their store. Moreover, Lowe’s also offers their paints.

The partnership between both brands helps customers buy Sherwin Williams paints from Lowe’s. So, if you can access Lowe’s, you can access Sherwin Williams paints.

What Is The Reason Behind it? 

Sherwin Williams Some customers often get confused about this question as Home Depot sells paints from other brands. But why does it not sell Sherwin Williams Paint? Simply because it is available at Lowe’s. Due to its availability at Lowe’s, Home Depot does not sell its paints. 

However, you can find the original paints of Home Depot at their stores. You can still buy paints from Home Depot if Sherwin William’s Paint is unavailable. Moreover, you can find paint from other brands at their stores. Now, you must be wondering what other premium paints are available at Home Depot. 

Here is the list of other premium paints that you can find at The Home Depot: 

  • Kilz Paints
  • Glidden Paints
  • Behr Paints
  • Rust-Oleum Paints
  • PPG Paints

It means that you can still locate a variety of paints at The Home Depot even if Sherwin Williams Paints are not available there. 

Furthermore, you must know what Home Depot offers you. To your surprise, it sells thousands of products. Home Depot is one of the most significant suppliers in the USA. It provides thousands of interior design products. You will locate every single item for interior design at Home Depot. 

What Can I Find On The Home Depot?

Home Depot serves its customers with paints, correction material, repairing tools, and everything required for interior designing. It is indeed worth relying on.

Home Depot

It has more than 400,000 products. That said, the unavailability of Sherwin Williams Paint does not limit its products. Home Depot has a lot to offer. Therefore, it is okay if you cannot find Sherwin Williams Paint from there.

Can I Find Paints At Home Depot?

Yes! Home Depot sells all kinds of paints. However, its top-rated paint is Behr Marquee. Behr Marquee Paint is not only premium quality paint but also a top seller. The Home Depot has sold out Behr Paints countlessly, and this legacy continues. 

Can I trust Home Depot Paints If I Do Not Find Sherwin Williams Paints?

Oh, absolutely yes! You can trust Home Depot Paints if Sherwin Williams Paints are not available. To see the difference between both, let’s get a deep insight into their quality and commitment!

1) Price

The first thing to keep in mind is the difference between the prices of Sherwin Williams Paints and Home Depot Paints (basically Behr Marquee Paints.)

Home Depot sells paints starting from $14. For example, you can get a variety of white paint starting from $14. Moreover, they do not cost more than $50. That is a very affordable price. Anyone can buy their paints.

On the other hand, Sherwin Williams Paints are not budget-friendly. Even a simple paint costs around $50. Its prices can even start from $100 (for one gallon only.) Now, an average person cannot afford to buy such expensive paints. However, their prices can increase depending upon the sizes of gallons. 

Now, the difference between the prices of both the paints is clear. You can clearly see that Home Depot is reasonable and cheaper than Sherwin Williams Paints. It means you can buy Home Depot Paints without breaking your bank. It is also the best option for beginners. 

2) Quality

The quality of both paints is good. However, Sherwin Williams paints are premium paints. That said, Sherwin Williams Paints are better in quality than Home Depot. 

However, it does not mean that Home Depot Paints are not good in quality. Then, what do we mean when we say Sherwin Williams Paints are better? Here you go for details:

  • Sherwin Williams Paints last for an extended period. 
  • These paints are of premium quality. 
  • These paints are for those people who do not want to renovate their space anytime sooner. 
  • Sherwin Williams Paints are for large projects.
  • They give your house a more opulent look. 

But wait! Home Depot Paints are not less than any other paints. Other paints may last longer, but Home Depot Paints are also long-lasting. You can rely on home Depot Paints if you look for reasonable yet worthy paints. 

In a nutshell, Sherwin Williams paints are better than Home Depot Paints. However, Home Depot Paints are also good enough. They are also high-quality paints. 

3) Use

The difference mentioned above differs between both the paints. Since Sherwin Williams Paints are more long-lasting, they are used for commercial buildings and exterior designing. 

In contrast to Sherwin Williams Paints, Home Depot Paints are used for home design. They are mainly used for interior design and small spaces. 

4) Easy To Apply

Both paints are easy to apply. However, Home Depot Paints are thicker than Sherwin Williams Paints. Due to thickness, Home Depot Paints require more effort. 

On the other hand, Sherwin Williams Paints are easy to apply. They require less effort due to their thinness.


Though Sherwin Williams Paints are not available at Home Depot yet, you do not need to worry. Through our guide, you can differentiate between both the paints. It is totally fine if you can’t find Sherwin Williams Paints. Try out Home Depot Paints, and you will love them.

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