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Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

Benjamin Moore Paint Home Depot is a great option to buy paints. It offers innumerable paint products to its customers. You can quickly locate any paint product in their stores and shop easily. It also allows you to shop online. Moreover, Home Depot sells paints from many other brands. For example, you can easily find paints of the following brands at Home Depot:

  • Kilz Paints
  • Glidden Paints
  • Behr Paints
  • Rust-Oleum Paints
  • PPG Paints

The brands mentioned above are top sellers. However, there are more paints from other brands that Home Depot sells. 

Moreover, do you know Home Depot does not sell Benjamin Moore Paints? Despite the premium quality and worth of Benjamin Moore Paints, you will not find it at Home Depot. But why? Stick to the blog post to get a detailed answer.

Here is all you need to know about Benjamin Moore Paints and their unavailability at Home Depot! After thoroughly researching this matter, we came to see that it is not Home Depot that refuses to sell Benjamin Moore Paints. Yes, it was equally surprising for us. Despite the popularity of Home Depot, Benjamin Moore Paints refused to sell its paints there.

What led Benjamin Moore Paints to take such a decision? 

Here is your answer! Benjamin Moore Paints took a strong start-up. It refused to join hands with retailers who already sell a lot of paints from other brands. In short, it did not allow a dependent retailer to sell its paints. In fact, it chose independent ones. Yes! That’s the only reason Benjamin Moore’s paints are not seen on Home Depot. 

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Furthermore, Benjamin Moore Paints are high-quality paints that are considered unique and reliable. If Home Depot sells them, the Benjamin Moore Paints clients will not avail of premium service. So, this company is concerned about its customers, which is highly appreciable. 

They chose independent retailers to entertain their customers with a good experience and impact. These independent retailers allow the company to maintain its standard and guarantee excellent customer service. 

You have got your answer. But, there is more that you need to know. Let’s see how it impacted Home Depot and Benjamin Moore itself.

Impact Of The Decision

Home Depot We all know the worth of Home Depot. It is one of the biggest retailers in the USA. Moreover, people from all over the globe shop online to avail of its paints. When Benjamin Moore refused to join hands with Home Depot, it impacted its economic growth. Though Benjamin Moore Paints are still sold amazingly yet, it could have been more remarkable if they were available at Home Depot. On the other hand, Home Depot would have become more worthy with Benjamin Moore Paints because it would have increased the variety of the paints they sell. 

In a nutshell, both of them were affected, yet they are unharmed by this decision taken by Benjamin Moore.

Top 3 Paint Brands At Home Depot

Following are the top 3 Paint brands that are sold abundantly there. It is okay if you didn’t find Benjamin Moore Paints. Here are other options that will satisfy you!

1) Rust-Oleum Paints

Rust Oleum Rust-Oleum Paints are a top pick! If you are a DIY lover, then you can trust this company. Its products are unique and remarkable.

Similarly, its paints are no less than any other paint. They are long-lasting, reliable, and affordable. You can find a range of Rust-Oleum Paints (especially spray paints) at Home Depot. We are highly confident that you will love them. 

2) Kilz Paints

Kilz Paints If you are looking for paints to give a flawless finishing to your space, go for Kilz Paints. Kilz Paints are incredible. They let you renovate and decorate your room amazingly.

A variety of paints is available at Kilz to restore the freshness of your space.

These paints hide all the flaws that your space has. You can quickly locate them at Home Depot.

3) Behr Paints

Behr Paint High-quality paints by Behr are available in abundance at Home Depot. Home Depot sells all varieties of these paints. You will love the number of options available in these paints.

They come in a great color and quality and are reliable. You do not need any other paint when Behr paints are available. It is no wonder that Behr won many awards due to its premium quality products at reasonable prices. 

These three brands are top sellers at Home Depot. However, many other companies have also partnered with Home Depot. You will find pretty much everything there.


You must be looking for Benjamin Moore paints. This blog post helped you find out the best ways to access Benjamin Moore Paints. We also introduced brands that can be used as an alternative. In a nutshell, you have all the information at your end to choose your option now. Best of luck, old chums!


Q1) But I want Benjamin Moore Paints. What Can I do? 

You can find all the best alternatives at Home Depot. But are you still looking for Benjamin Moore Paints? In that case, you need to find independent retailers around you. They will help you access Benjamin Moore Paints. You can contact their customer service if you do not find any such retailer around you. You can also locate the stores on maps that provide Benjamin Moore Paints. So, it is a little tricky to buy Benjamin Moore paints since they are not available at Home Depot.

Q2) What Paints Can I Buy From Home Depot If Benjamin Moore Paints Are Unavailable?

It is not a daunting task to buy paints from Home Depot. You can still buy high-quality paints from Home Depot if Benjamin Moore Paints are unavailable. 

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