How To Make Brown Butter

How To Make Brown Butter

Why Brown Butter? Brown butter makes ordinary butter taste a bit different with a slightly nutty flavor and aroma. Brown butter is used in cakes, icing, as a spread and in multiple other ways. Another reason for brown butter is the appearance such as a brownish color frosting or table decor.

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How to make Brown Butter

3 step guide:

1. Get your favorite butter, maybe start with a half cup or depending on your purpose, add more or less.

  • Pan or a pot preferably with a heavier and lighter color bottom so you can see the change to brown
  • White stir spoon to also help you see the color transition of the butter to light brown;
  • Heat proof container to pour your butter into and for refrigeration

2. Put the butter into the pan at a medium heat setting so that the butter does not heat up too quickly and to prevent burning the butter.

3. Carefully heat the butter, it will bubble slightly and watch for a color change to light brown. Keep stirring the butter while heating and be careful not to overcook.

Your Brown Butter is almost ready:

At this point you will need to decide what level of cooking you desire. You should be able to smell a nutty aroma and if you overcook, the butter will quickly turn black and burn. Some recipes look to have the butter almost blackened but the flavor changes to an almost burnt taste. There are a number of interesting recipes you can find for brown butter which includes cookies, cakes, icing and so on.

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