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Best Spray Paint For Hydro Dipping

 Many people claim that creativity knows no bounds. 

Having said that, using a traditional way of doing things may seem easier but comes off as a quite boring idea. Similarly, in comparison to the conventional style of painting products, there is a new technique known as hydro dipping. Terms like immersion or graphical print might have come across you. Let us tell you that choosing the hydro dipping method can make the product attractive and vibrant. You can do hydro dipping on any of your favorite stuff. It can include a game controller, helmet, mobile phone covers, and much more. 

The important component for hydro dipping is the selection of the hydro dip clear coats and colored paints. In this regard, you don’t have to worry now. As of today in this write-up, we will help you in choosing the perfect spray paints for hydro dipping.

Few things to keep in mind before getting Hydro-Dipping Paints:

  • Pressure: The spray paint differs in the ability to impart pressure. It is the rule that the greater the pressure, the heavier paint you will need. In search of the spray, paint speed is also the main component. If the horsepower increases, the emission time per spray also increases.
  • Kind of Finish: Getting your desired type of finish after each coat of paint is necessary while you select your spray paint. This is the reason why you need to pay close attention to the finish type in the spray. Glossy paints make things pop with a lot of shine. On the contrary, other finishes are suitable for already established color combinations. There are other finishes too such as metallic ones which may be compatible on other surfaces. For materials like metal, there is a hammered finish in case you are painting on a damaged one.

Best Spray Paint for Hydro Dipping 2022:

Here’s the list of top spray paints for hydro dipping that you can get your hands on right now!

MTN Hardcore Spray Paint10/10 (Editor's Choice) Check Price
Plaid Patricia Nimocks Clear8/10 Check Price
DE1613 Engine Enamel 7.5/10 Check Price
RUST-OLEUM 2865258.5/10 Check Price
KRYLON K055090077/10 Check Price
Dip Bite OP-61917/10 Check Price

  Also, for your convenience, this article has a FAQs for hydro dipping.  

1. MTN Hardcore Spray Paint

Mtn Hardcore Spray Paint Why we love it:

  • Matte finish 
  • Quickly dry
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Quite firm 
  • Hyper protection

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✅It has a very smooth and trouble-free application❌The paint can clog during spraying
✅Comes with colour enhancing ingredients❌Can create mist on the surface
✅It does not leave the product surface 
✅Goes well with various surfaces
✅Contains high opacity amount

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2. Plaid Patricia Nimocks Clear Acrylic Sealer

Plaid Patricia Nimocks Clear Why we love it: 

  • Easy to use 
  • Shiny finishing
  • Multiple exteriors
  • Hassle-free cleanup

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✅It goes well with the acrylic and diamond paintings❌On some surfaces, it can create fog
✅The 12oz easy to carry size is a must-have for you❌It has an unpleasant smell
✅Budget Friendly
✅Can dry up the surface swiftly
✅Has expertise in graphic arts

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3. DE1613 Engine Enamel

De1613 Engine Enamel Why we love it: 

  • Enamel paint 
  • 12 oz fluid
  • Glossy black look
  • Surface protection
  • Heat protection

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✅It comes with the touch EZ conical nozzle. ❌There is a pin leakage problem in the nozzle
✅The DE1613 engine enamel can hold against heat up to 500F.❌The paint is quite thin and runny
✅It requires 30 minutes to dries up
✅Especially for the use on accessories and block of the engine
✅This enamel promises not to get flaky

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4. Rust-Oleum 286525 

Rust Oleum 286525 Why we love it: 

  • Extra metallic finish
  • Dries speedily
  • Oil paint
  • Shield corrosion
  • Chipped resistant

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✅It can show results with the application of 2-3 coats❌Sometimes the liquid in the bottle gets stuck
✅The Rust oleum spray paint water dipping is recommended on metal surfaces❌After drying up there is a slight chance of chipping
✅The nozzle of the can is at a certain angle to make control easier
✅It can give a bronzy after look to the hammered surface
✅Unlike other paints, this oil paint is not watery

5. Liquitex Pouring Medium Technique Set

Liquitex Pouring Medium Why we love it: 

  • Not-toxic
  • Water-resistant
  • Vibrant colors
  • Low smell 
  • Primary colors
✅This Liquitex ink set is permanent and gives you a similar effect to water paints❌Sometimes it may give you a tough time because of the spread-out nature
✅The top-notch range of inks is a definite pick for any graphic designer❌The ink may blob on the surface and not opaque 
✅You can use it on various applicators such as stamps, brushes, blocks etc
✅There is a lot of product in each 1 oz bottle hence useable for multiple applications
✅Like other paints, it does not turn yellow once dries up

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6. SuperBrew Hydrographic Film Activator

Hydrographic Film Activator Why we love it: 

  • Translucent colors
  • 16 oz. can 
  • Clear finish
  • Aerosol activator
  • Quite affordable

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✅Through the original surface, this paint does not bleed❌In some instances, it shows inconsistent results between passes
✅It provides flexibility and comes in convenient for hydro dipping❌This is preferable for beginners use only  
✅The aerosol spray tends to seal the colours permanently
✅The Hydrographic film activator is ideal for performing small projects
✅Its damage and weather-resistant precepts help with the corrosion

7. Castle Art Supplies 24 3D Fabric Paints

Castle Art Supplies Fabric Paints Why we love it: 

  • Moderately priced
  • 3D 24 colors
  • Safe fabric color
  • Bonus brushes
  • For Children

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✅The Castle Art supplies 3D fabric paint contains 24 rich pigmented fabric paints❌The variety of colours is not on a lower side as compared to other ones
✅All these colours have such a formulation that can blend seamlessly❌The bottles are not big enough 
✅In most cases, these fabric paints are reliable and strong enough for hydro dipping
✅Not only these 3D fabric paints can use on fabric but also recommendable for surfaces like wood and glass

8. Krylon K05509007 Colormaxx Spray-Paints

Krylon K05509007 Why we love it: 

  • Glossy finish
  • Interior/Exterior surfaces
  • Corrosion safety
  • Easy handling
  • Effortless push

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✅The advantage Krylon spray paint has is the capability of covering a variety of your projects❌You might face the problem of a paint scratch
✅In comparison with other spray paints, it dries within the time of 10 minutes❌It may give you a shabby finish if not sand properly
✅For prevention of spattering, it contains angled shaped nozzle
✅The castle rock colour of this spray paint looks quite vibrant after just one coat

9. Dip Bite OP-6191 Aerosol Spray

Dip Bite Op 6191 Why we love it: 

  • Rust free
  • Ultra-smooth
  • All in one formulation
  • Clear film
  • Brace tough weather

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✅It is perfect for hydro dipping since without primer hydrographic does not adhere❌The consistency of this spray paint is somewhat thin
✅This OP-6191 Aerosol spray provides a seamless bae coat 
✅You can use it on automobiles and firearms to give it a creative look
✅The paint could remain still in the cold weather


All in all, this write-up has provided you with a list of spray paints for hydro dipping that is reliable. We have brought these products by doing a detailed analysis of each one of them on Amazon. Thereupon, you do not have to go further to search more about these spray paints. All you need to remember is to buy that spray paint that provides rust protection, durability and a good after look.


Q1: What type of paint is used for hydro dipping?

In this regard, you can use acrylic, fabric, or spray paints for hydro-dipping any of your art projects. Although, most artists give preference to spray paints for hydro dipping. You can also decide the paint type by the texture you want to give on any surface.

Q2: How to hydro dip at home with spray paint?

Doing hydro dipping at home is not an arduous task. You can do it easily by using acrylic as well as spray paints. All you require is a large tub filled with water. However, make sure the tub is deep enough to submerge the object. Finesse your spray paint for hydro dipping on the water, creating a pattern of your choice. After that slowly place your object into the tub and use various angles to show your creativity. 

Q3: Can you do hydro dipping with acrylic paint? 

Yes, you can perform the hydro dipping technique by using acrylic inks as well. In the list of the spray paint, we have mentioned one of the acrylic inks for hydro dipping.

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