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Best Paint Roller Cover For Interior Walls

 Building a home with the most refined interior setting is a dream of every family. 

Home and its surroundings reflect the people who reside in it. It is everything about their goals, passions, artistic touch, and their inner vibes. The first aim is to paint the walls in decent colors and textures to start with the interior setting. For this, you would need a variety of tools, the most fundamental of them all is a Roller paint cover.

Many people find it confusing to select the paint roller cover for interior walls. This is why in today’s blog, we decided to help new home setters with this. We have come up with some of the top-notch brands for you

Few things to keep in mind before getting Paint Roller Covers:

  • Size of Roller covers: They come in varying sizes & the one suitable for you depends on your specific requirements. Like a paint roller cover for the ceiling will be different than for interior walls. Mostly the rollers available in the market come in lengths between mini to 12 inches. Small rollers are for DIY projects, woodworks or art, and crafts. To paint an interior wall or ceiling, choose a 9-inch long roller. Other paint roller cover sizes include 4-inch length and 12-inch length.
  • Size of the nap on the roller: These differ according to surface type. ¼ inch napwill ideally paint the smooth surfaces such as walls and ceilings of newly constructed houses, wooden doors, etc. ⅜ inch nap can paint a wall or surface with a light texture. ½ inch napworks for most surfaces like rough walls, concrete, plaster with texture, etc.
  • Material: A wide variety of materials are used to make a paint roller cover. These include microfiber filaments, polyurethane- foam, lamb’s wool, nylon resembling fabric, acetate, etc. Each of these materials is compatible with different types of paint.
  • Natural fibers such as lamb wool can hold oil-based paints or acrylic colors perfectly.
  • Synthetic fibers like nylon etc., hold the water-based paints. Foam materials are great for latex bases. so you can choose the one you need like a textured paint roller cover.

 But this is not all; our buying guide will enable you to know about all the different types and kinds of paint roller covers.  

Best Paint Roller Cover For Interior Walls of 2022:

Here’s a list of our top paint roller cover for interior walls, so check them out:

Pro Grade - Paint Roller Covers10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Bates Paint Roller9.5/10
Bates- Paint Roller Covers9/10
Wooster Brush RR662-9 9/10
Purdy White Dove Roller Cover8.5/10
Precision Defined 9-Inch Paint Roller8/10
Edward Tools 7 Piece 4” Paint Roller8/10

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1. Pro Grade – Paint Roller Covers

Pro Grade Paint Roller Covers

Why do we love it

  • It gives smooth wall finishes
  • Can resist water impact
  • Allows smooth finishes
  • It comes in a package of 6 paint roller covers
  • Size 9inches into ½ inches
✅It can hold a good amount of paint❌Microfiber may shed during use
✅Suitable for novice users as well❌Roller may leave paint tails on the wall
✅It is reasonably priced

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2. Bates Paint Roller

Bates Paint Roller

Why do we like it:

  • It comes in a complete package
  • It has rollers of two different sizes
  • Rollers are made up of synthetic microfibre
  • Rollers provide a long-lasting and smooth paint finish.
✅Complete set in affordable price❌The paint tray might have some leakage.
✅It can be used by a newbie
✅Easy to clean

3. Bates- Paint Roller Covers

Bates Paint Roller Covers 9

Why do we like it

  • Ideal for both walls and ceilings
  • The strong and resilient core
  • Washable Microfibre roller for repetitive use
  • Set of 5 roller covers come with ½ inch roller
✅Professional looking smooth finish❌Few threads may come off during the job.
✅Requires no prior experience for usage
✅High-density cover
✅Good for DIY projects and arts and crafts

4. Wooster Brush RR 662-9 Golden Flo Roller Cover

Wooster Brush Rr662 9 Golden Flo Roller Cover

Why do we like it

  • Fabric material roller for a smooth finish
  • Ideal for rough surfaces, wood, and ceramic
  • Can hold any paint with latex acrylic, oils, or water base
  • stronger core with breakage proof structure
✅It does not shed fibers❌The package does not come with a roller.
✅The cover is washable and reusable
✅It lasts longer than foam ones

5. Purdy White Dove Roller Cover

Purdy White Dove Roller Cover

Why do we love it:

  • Easy to roll and less time consuming
  • Delivers high-quality, smooth finish
  • Dralon woven fabric holds more paint
  • Available in nap sizes of ¼, ⅜, ½, and ¾
✅The lint-free roller does not shed fibers❌Sometimes it causes a flat spot on the wall. 
✅Pack of 3 rollers
✅Washable and reusable

6. Precision Defined 9-Inch Paint Roller Covers Refill

Precision Defined 9 Inch Paint Roller Covers Refill 6 Pack

Why do we love it:

  • Smart self-lock frame
  • Fabricated material to ensure no fuzz
  • Ideal for DIY projects as well as wall and ceilings
✅It fits completely any 9-inch roller frame❌Na size is not accurate according to standard sizes
✅No skiing accidents
✅It holds more paint and covers a large patch
✅Less expensive than many other brands

7. Edward Tools 7 Piece 4” Paint Roller Kit with Tray

Edward Tools 7 Piece 4 Paint Roller Kit With Tray

Why do we love this:

  • It comes in a complete package.
  • Comprises of good quality polyester and foam rollers
  • Covered with a lifetime warranty
  • Ideal for interior walls and more minor touches
✅It does not leave fiber remnants❌For one or two times use only
✅Ideal for smooth finishes
✅Edward tools are one of the best brands for foam paint roller covers
Buying Guide for The Best Interior wall Paint Roller Covers

Types of paint Roller Covers

There are different types of roller covers in the market. They vary according to their size, nap thickness, and material.

Fabric Types

Animal-based: These comprise lambskin or wool skin. Roller covers consisting of these types of fibers should only be used with oil-based paints. If they are used with water-based paints, the fiber may swell up and cause unnecessary matting.

Blended covers this type combines natural and synthetic fiber. Mostly, they have a combination of polyester and wool or polyester with sheepskin fiber. Roller covers with these fibers can hold almost all types of paints very well.

Artificial fiber These are industry-made fibers and include those of nylon, dacron, or pure polyester. These can be used with latex or water-based paints.

Other types include the following.

Smooth paint roller covers. They have a smooth surface and roll paint smoothly and evenly to give a refined appearance to the wall.

Textured paint on-shed roller covers These come in various textures and give a textured look to the wall. These rollers are an excellent choice to hide the imperfections such as blemishes or minor cracks on the walls.

The selection of the right kind of roller cover also depends on the surface you are about to paint. Types of surfaces include

Brick and Masonry. These are rough surfaces. Use a roller with a ¾ inch nap size. This size can hold an ample amount of paint to conceal the rough edges and corners. A thin nap will not last long on an uneven surface.

Dry Interior walls. For these walls, the covers of ⅜ inches work well.

Wooden or metallic surface. Use the thinnest nap size of ¼ inch for a smooth finish.

Surface with a slight texture. Use a roller that has microfiber filaments.

Smooth surface. Woven naps with wool or lambskin work great. Choose medium thickness as a thick nap may leave texture or string on these surfaces.

Go back to the list ⤴Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the correct way of cleaning a paint roller?

If the surface is microfiber, care must be taken so that the fibers do not come off. Gently soak the roller cover into lukewarm water, which has detergent or liquid soap mixed in it. Wait for the paint remnant to seep out. Clean it thoroughly but carefully. Allow drying naturally.

Q2. How to paint interior walls with a roller?

It is advised to use a paint tray while you are using rollers. Dip the roller in paint about ½ inches and then apply on the wall. Using a new, dry roller may require five to six dips for a single coat. After a while, two to three dips will suffice. The rollers should be dripping with paint so you can hide imperfections.

Q3. What other accessories are required along with paint rollers for interior wall painting

There are several painting tools available in the market. However, you do not really need a truckload of accessories. A few necessary ones will do the job. These include

Masking tape or rough sheets: Use masking tape to protect the floor border or any other interior element from the paint stains.

Paint tray. This holds a sufficient amount of paint and prevents the roller from causing dripping.

Paint solvent. This will help you to clean the paint stains from your hands or other interior elements.

To further help you make a decision, here's how to pick out the paint roller for your job!

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Yellow Color 13mm PolyesterPaint Roller Cover

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