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Best Paint For Glass Jars

 There is no exaggeration in saying that painting glass jars are an effortless yet rewarding craft allowing you to add millions of colors to the living area. 

When it comes to painting, glass undoubtedly makes a perfect canvas with little DIY action and lots of creativity. Therefore, it enables you to create exceptional designs using glass jars. 

Before heading towards the painting process, it’s crucial to know the type of paint to use on glass jars. That’s pretty necessary to get the desirable designs, and there is no doubt about it. Surprisingly enough, the market is full of multiple paints to choose from.  Are you sure you know which paint will perform its utmost on glass jars? It’s all up to you whether you use acrylic or solvent-based paints on the glass jars to formulate new designs. The only thing that matters is that the color is fully compatible with the glass jar, and you have to keep this in mind.  But wait! Paint for glass jars has got your back, enabling you to make some remarkable designs with ease. Are there some ultimate paint products you can buy nowadays? After considering customer’s reviews and taking expert’s advice, we have listed the top six high-quality paints specially designed to use on glass jars. Let’s get started to know more!

 Check out our buying guide for some more information. 

Q. How to paint glass jars?

Painting a glass jar might look intimidating, especially when you lack sufficient knowledge. You can make the glass jar painting an effortless process by using the correct method. Let us show you this way! You can apply the accurate crafting or acrylic paint designed especially for glass jars. 

  1. Firstly apply one coat and wait until it dries. 
  2. After that, apply the second one.
  3. Generally, it will take almost 20 minutes for one coat to dry. Use paint or foam brush to complete this action.
  4. Ensure that the jar dries up entirely before you flip it. Once converted, apply two coats at the bottom.
  5. It’s beneficial to apply paint systematically over the top to the bottom. And you know what? The light coating eliminates brushstrokes. 

Put the hand inside the glass jar when turning it as it doesn’t make your fingers dirty. Moreover, it reduces fingerprints as well.

Best paint for glass jars 2022:

Here’s the list of our top paint for glass jars picks:

Krylon K0903500010/10 (Editor's Choice)
Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting8/10
FolkArt Acrylic Enamel Craft Set 8.5/10
Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color7/10
Permanent Glass Paint Stain Kit7.5/10
IMustech Glass Paint Set7/10

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1. Krylon K09035000 Stained Glass Aerosol Paint

Krylon K09035000 Stained Glass Aerosol Paint Why we love it:

  • Great value for money 
  • 11.5 Ounce effective bottle 
  • Canary yellow high-grade color 
  • The effortless and decent application process 
✅No need for priming ❌A bit high VOCs
✅Adheres perfectly to glass 

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2. ARTISTRO Store Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting

Artistro Store Acrylic Paint Pens For Rock Painting Why we love it:

  • Beautiful design and high-end quality 
  • Durable matte finishing 
  • Water-resistant with many vibrant colors 
  • Can fill in large areas 
✅True colors with excellent quality❌Not very durable 
✅High-grade and durable flow 

3. FolkArt Acrylic Enamel Craft Set

Folkart Acrylic Enamel Craft Set Why we love it:

  • Designed to use on many surfaces 
  • Effortless cleanup process 
  •  Modern aesthetic and stylish performance
  • Variety of options with decorative crafting 
✅Dries up quickly❌A bit expensive 
✅Adheres reliably to the glass 

4. Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color

Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color 1 Why we love it:

  • Vibrant and cool color design 
  • Completely stained and durable glass color
  • Creates realistic looks 
  • Beneficial to use on many surfaces 
✅Good value for money❌Long drying time 
✅Creates solid lines 
✅Holds the shape reliably

5. DIY Gateway Permanent Glass Paint Stain Kit

Diy Gateway Permanent Glass Paint Stain Kit Why we love it:

  • Professional and permanent performance 
  • Vibrant and stained glass look 
  • High-end guarantee satisfaction 
  • Compatible to mix different colors
✅Vibrant and beautiful colors ❌Not much thin
✅Superior and glossy finishing 

6. IMustech Glass Paint Set

Imustech Glass Paint Set 1 Why we love it:

  • Bright colors with a vibrant performance 
  • High-grade adhesion and 100% performance 
  • Quick-drying up features 
  • Can withstand wear and tear 
✅Water-resistant with premium quality ❌Less amount available 
✅Multiple color series 

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, painting on glass jars is highly satisfying, trust me. And guess what? Modern glass paints are genuinely versatile and effortless to use for a variety of purposes. Despite improving your creative skills, it also turns all kinds of glassware into stunning and aesthetic art pieces requiring a little imagination.

Painting glass jars provide you peace of mind with incredible performance, seriously. You cannot neglect the durability and compactness they hold, allowing you to take the paints wherever you want. After selecting the top color for glassware, you can get the most desirable experience. And thoroughly you can choose the paints that suit you perfectly. Without wasting any time, go and search for a suitable model! 


Buying Guide for Best Glass Jar Paints

Have you ever wondered how KRYLON has marked its debut in the painting world? How about the ARTISTRY unrivaled quality paints for glass jars? You can’t neglect how FolkArt has amazed the users with its aesthetics paint sets. Besides this, the conciseness of IMustech will not disappoint you with its powerful performance. 

What’s next? Isn’t it confusing? YES! It becomes daunting when you have plenty of high-grade models. What’s the most appropriate way to make the right decision? Don’t worry; our detailed guide has got your back in helping you to choose the top paint for glass jars. Follow up the factors carefully! 

Consider what you plan to paint!

When it comes to choosing the right paint for you, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is what it is that they want to paint? Well, that’s true! Is it a vase? Or do you opt for a drinking glass or a window? Do you desire to paint a fish tank that’s wet all the time? The object determines what type of paint will work, trust me. 

When planning to paint something small such as a jar, you can go for multiple options to create a permanent finishing.  When it’s a drinking glass, choosing safe and secure paint should be your top priority. Therefore, consider things appropriately before getting into any color. 

Type of paint finishing

 Another thing to consider is the type of paint finishing you need on the glass jars. Generally, the acrylic paint finishing begins from matte to almost high gloss. It’s crucial to determine the type of finishing you desire before choosing paint. When selecting a matte look, you should go with artistic acrylics to create exceptional art pieces. 

However, when looking for a high gloss finishing, you can consider acrylic enamel for better performance. It’s also beneficial to choose the look you wish to create, whether it’s visual or smooth. That helps determine the right kind of paint. 

Permanent or Temporary

Believe it or not, this step requires equal importance as the other ones. Do you want a temporary art design just to get peace of mind? Or do you wish to create something that lasts in your home permanently? Whatever is the choice, it significantly affects the paint type you choose. 

Some paints are indeed more temporary or lasting than other paints. Some paints might be effortless to clean using water, and some may not hold up reliably once get exposed to water. 

Colors Availability

Nothing can be worse than getting paints that don’t match your color needs, isn’t it? YES! That’s true, no doubt. Color availability is a crucial aspect that allows you to spend the hard-earned money ideally. Some glass paints are available only in vibrant colors. However, acrylic paints offer a broad color range to meet every painter’s needs. The acrylic enamel might only be available in a limited capacity. As a result, choose wisely the kind of paint you require to get it done. 

Water-Based or Oil-Based

You will come across significant differences when considering water or oil-based paints, seriously. The most evident ones are durability and permanence. You will find that oil paints are a bit harder to withstand wear and tear than water-based paints easily. 

If you desire to put the painted glass jars in contact with the moisture, oil-based paints will do a better job. However, oil-based paints require more ventilation than water-based glass paints as they have plenty of VOCs. If you are a beginner, it’s better to go with water-based paints as they are effortless to clean and don’t require much attention. 


Lastly, the factor that requires your attention in the form. Glass paints have the widest variety of types and sizes. It is up to you to choose the right size that will suit your needs the most. Generally, the most common is a 2-ounce paint bottle. Although paints are also available in 0.5 ounces tubes and other options such as 11-ounce spray tins. 

Firstly, the 2-ounce bottles are sold either in sets or sometimes individually. This paint is enough for completing many small objects making it reliable for beginners. The best spray paint for glass jars is excellent for covering massive areas while offering plenty of finishing options. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Check out Pinterest for some fantastic paint ideas!

Q2. What kind of paint do you use on glass jars?

Plenty of paints are compatible to use on glass jars because of their versatile properties and innovative nature. Still, you need to be careful while painting a glass jar. That’s because all paints will not create the expected results. Generally, acrylic paints are the preference to use on glass jars and are fully compatible. 

These paints can reliably create a hard shell, ensuring that the color stays in place. This paint is genuinely acrylic and is different from the typical acrylic paints that lack sufficient adhesion to the glass surface. Our list includes some fantastic acrylic paints that work well with glass jars. 

Q3. How do you paint permanently on glass?

People often get confused about how to pain a glass permanently. Is it even possible? Or will the color fade after some time? To be honest, it’s possible to paint a glass jar always using the best paint for glassware. Follow up the steps to know the process! 

  • Firstly, you need all the good tools that will help you in painting the glass jar.
  • After that, you have to clean the jar with alcohol as necessary.
  • Now, edge the glass jar carefully using a paint pen such as gold Krylon
  • It’s preferable to add gold to the center part also
  • Now, draw a square grid over the front 
  • Once done, fill the squares on the backside with gloss enamel
  • It’s crucial to paint the black squares with the right paint 
  • You can also add polka dots over the outer rim of the glass jar
  • Now, paint the stripes on the glass jar’s base 
  • Don’t forget to paint the glass stem using different color
  • Painting the polka dots is also reliable 
  • Once done, you should put it in the oven
  • Bake it for almost 30 minutes at 325 degrees
  • Lastly, let the jar cool and repeat the process once more. 


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