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Best Paint For Front Door Uk

 The front door of a house is not only the pathway to one’s house but to their customs, values and traditions. 

It is only essential for your front door to radiate positivity, elegance, and all that you and your family stand for. Your front door’s paint quality can be the first thing that your guests look at and gather an impression of. Essentially, your front door deserves the perfect paint for the front door to make it look shiny and truly royal! We will be helping you to pick out the exterior wood and metal paint for composite doors.

Your front door not only establishes an impression but keeps you protected from the atrocities of the weather; be it sunny, chilly windy or raining. Your front door bears it all so you don’t have to fret. We will help you decide what front door paint colours the United Kingdom suits you and your front door the most. So dive in and let’s roll.

 You can check out our buying guide for more information. 

Best Paint for Front Door UK 2022:

Check out these top paint for front door in UK:

Johnstone's 309146 Weatherguard10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Rust-Oleum RO0030105G19.5/10
Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint9/10
JENOLITE (RAL 9016)7.7/10
Ronseal 387928/10
Dulux Weather Shield Quick Dry8.5/10
Fascinating Finishes RAL 7016 7.5/10

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1. Johnstone’s 309146 Weatherguard Exterior

Johnstones 309146 Weatherguard Exterior What do we love?

  • The rich texture of the paint
  • 6-year life guarantee
  • Glossy finish
✅Very durable❌Has a high concentration of vocs’. 
✅Exceptional coverage❌Takes time to dry
✅Low odour

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2. Rust-Oleum RO0030105G1 750 ml

Rust Oleum Ro0030105g1 What we love?

  • The two-in-one primer and paint tin
  • 2 hour touch dry
  • Weather resistant
✅Resists mold and mildew❌Expensive if applied on large surfaces
✅Quick drying❌Bad odour
✅Weather resistant❌Difficult to apply
✅Good coverage

3. Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint – Willow Tree 750Ml

Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood Paint Willow Tree What we love?

  • Satin Finish
  • Easy Application
  • Easy to clean – One wipe clean
✅Available in a wide range of colors❌Paint can be runny 
✅Is economical❌Harmful to aquatic life
✅Easy to apply 
✅Easy to clean
✅Drying time is less

4. JENOLITE Garage & Exterior Door Paint

Jenolite Garage Exterior Door Paint What we love?

  • Resistance to peeling and discoloration.
  • The possibility to be used on different surfaces
✅Great coverage❌Harmful to marine life
✅Extremely durable paint ❌Not ideal to be used inside the home
✅Not a strong smell❌Can get drippy
✅Quick to dry
✅Easy to apply

5. Ronseal ASINOAUK30K 10 Year Weatherproof Paint

Ronseal Asinoauk30k 10 Year Weatherproof Paint What we love?

  • Low volatile organic compound
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Blister, peel and crack resistant
✅No primer needed❌Not ideal to use indoor. 
✅Weatherproof in an hour
✅Easy to apply
✅Guaranteed to last for a minimum time period of 10 years. 

6. Dulux Weather Shield Quick Dry

Dulux Weather Shield Quick Dry What we love ?

  • Easy Application
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Incorporated with fungicide – doesn’t let any bacteria grow on your door
✅Easy to clean❌Paint can be chipped if not applied properly.
✅Satin or gloss finish options are available.❌Not every surface is compatible for this paint
✅Does not have an unpleasant smell
✅Dries quickly

7. Fascinating Finishes Anthracite Grey Paint

Fascinating Finishes Anthracite Grey Paint What we love?

  • Satin and Glossy finish
  • Affordability
  • Oil based
  • Easy to clean
✅Easy to keep clean❌Difficult to apply
✅Self priming product❌Has a pungent smell
✅Excellent coverage
✅Dries fast 


With a variety of paints to choose from, each mastering one thing or another. The paints provide solutions to each and everyone’s problems. With the everchanging unpredictable weather, it is only sensible to coat the front door right so it lasts longer!

Buying Guide for Best Front Door Paint UK


There are many colours available online and in-store. It is for you to decide on the colour and a shade that not only coordinated with the theme of your home but also is sensibly chosen to bear what a front door goes through. For example, a white front door is comparative more susceptible to showing scratched or marks. On the other hand, a black door paint in UK would need frequent cleaning. A yellow door might add the pop that tantalizes your house.


No matter what colour you choose the richness of it depends on the pigment of the product. Some commonly used pigments are sienna, umber, titanium oxide, and zinc oxide. Out of all, titanium oxide is the most widely used pigment that provides excellent coverage and stays longer.


You can easily alter the texture of the paint using thinning agents. The texture of the paint should be thick and rich so that a little blob goes a long way. When you add a thinning agent, you can very easily manage its application. If you want a runny paint so you just have to add more thinner and apply coats. However, if you want thicker coats, you should keep the quantity of thinning agents low.


The paints come in two major bases: oil and water. Oil takes longer to dry giving you more time to make alterations. It also gives a smoother finish along with lesser shrinking. Alternatively, water-based paints are quick to dry and eco-friendly! They have no fumes but over time may fade.


You should always opt for paint and primer products. As primer helps you fix the porous surface shut and prepares the surface for painting. There are a few types of primers; oil-based, latex-based and shellac-based.

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What kind of paint do you use on a front door?

A front door faces wear and tear and harsh weather. It is directly in contact with all-weather conditions so the top choice is to use the exterior paint as they are better adapted to face unpredictable weather conditions.

What is the best colour to paint a front door?

Pastels have always been in fashion. Property dealers totally live by this blue colour but again, it totally depends on what are your needs and requirements. By popular opinion, blue wins.

Can I paint my front door without sanding it?

No. Sanding is essential as it eliminates minor faults on the door and the surface becomes even. One particular benefit of sanding is that it roughens the surface which helps the paint to stick on, increasing the adhesion of the applied paint for the front door in the UK.

Should I paint my front door with a brush or roller?

Roller: It is an ideal tool for painting thin, even and flat surfaces. You can conveniently just roll it up and down with the help of the stick. One benefit of using a roller could be the ease of doing it from a distance. If you are someone who does not like the smell of the paint, you can use a roller and do it from a safe distance.

Brush: A brush is a handier tool as it allows you to drop as much paint as you want at a particular spot. You are in control of every stroke and the amount that drops on every meter square. It gives you the liberty to paint every groove and corner.

All in all, although the freedom given by the brush appears to be exuberant rollers suit the job well. You don’t need customization on a front door, it’s fairly a flat surface that requires layers of paints. So we suggest that you stick with rollers.

How much does it cost to paint a front door UK?

The cost of every paint varies. Paints can cost from 5 GBP to 35 GBP depending on the type of paint that you opt for. The top paint for wooden or metal front doors in the UK should, on average, vary anywhere from 15 GBP to 20 GBP. Hiring a painter would cost you another 30 GBP, on average.

Can I use spray paint on my front door?

Using spray paint for front doors might sound easy and very doable but spray painting is a complicated skill. It might give you an even smooth finish and do the job quicker but for front doors, you will have to select an appropriate paint and primer to achieve the desired result. So, of course, you can but would you want to?

If you’re still confused about what paint to use on your front door, check out this article on how to choose the perfect paint colour for your door!


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