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Best Paint For Cardboard

 Believe it or not, but with many high-end uses and ever-lasting versatility, cardboard is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice to deal with art projects. 

Nothing can be worse than getting the wrong painting material which will ruin the entire cardboard you are painting. Well, that’s precisely true. 

Admittedly, having wrong paints will make the cardboard bleeding, wrinkling, along with losing the colors up to a greater extent. The experience will never be the one you expected, seriously. For instance, the perfect paint for cardboard has got you covered! It is crucial to get the right one that will suit all your needs. With versatility and quality, the colors must change the cardboard in what you imagined. 

After hours of research and after considering customers’ reviews, we have successfully compiled the eleven top-notch paints to help renovate the cardboard immensely. The paints mentioned below are a perfect blend of durability and reliability combined and are no more than a treat for users. Let’s get right into our exclusive picks!

Few things to keep in mind before getting Cardboard Paints:

Types of Cardboard Paints: You will find three basic kinds of colors on the market. Let’s take a closer look! 

  • Acrylic Paint: The first is an acrylic paint that is the most budget-friendly option available to paint your cardboard. Besides this, they are effortless and effective for many surfaces such as canvas, ceramics, and wood. Moreover, it’s fully water-soluble with quick-drying features making it moisture-resistant. The decent consistency and quality make it an exceptional choice for the users.
  • Oil Paint: Another option is oil paint. The color shines brighter and is effortless to apply, no doubt. However, it may be a bit expensive compared to acrylic paints.
  • Spray Paint: Lastly, you will find a spray paint that is the most versatile option available. The plus point is that it doesn’t allow you to wait for extended times to complete the drying process. Wait only for 15 minutes and get the work done! The good part is that the most amazing spray paint for cardboard will not even melt it.

 Check out our buying guide for more in-depth know-how of picking paints! 

Best Paint for Cardboard of 2022:

Have a look at our top paints for the cardboard list.

Apple Barrel PROMOABI10/10 (Editor's Choice)
Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Paint9/10
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint8/10
Gamblin Artist Oil Colors 8.5/10
Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint8.5/10
Arteza Acrylic Paint8/10
Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint8/10
FolkArt Acrylic Paint8.5/10
Arteza Oil Paint Set, 24 Colors7.5/10
Magicfly 30 Colors Acrylic Paint7.5/10
MyArtscape Store Acrylic Paint8/10

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1. Apple Barrel PROMOABI Craft Paint Set

Apple Barrel Promoabi

Why do we love it?

  • It makes creating enjoyable with bold and bright colors.
  • Non-toxic and easy to clean
  • A broad range of colors with matte finishing
  • High-quality and brilliant performance
✅Great value for money❌Paints are a bit small
✅Wide variety of colors ❌Might leak sometimes 
✅High-quality and brilliant performance

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2. Winsor & Newton Cotman Paint Sketchers

Winsor Newton Cotman Water

Why we love it?

  • High-quality with multiple color ranges 
  • Popular-sized durable paint set
  • Watercolors with versatility and reliability
  • Excellent transparency 
✅12 paint colors set ❌Mixing lid isn’t reliable 
✅Good working characteristics 
✅Excellent transparency 

3. Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint

Winsor Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint 1

Why do we love it?

  • Perfect for beginners and professionals 
  • Multiple and quality color options 
  • A budget-friendly and reliable option
  • Rich colors with quality design 
✅Durable and sturdy construction❌Difficult to use 
✅Great paint quality 
✅More oversized tubes for excellent usage 
✅Fully-featured and reliable paints 

4. Gamblin Artist Oil Colors Introductory Set

Gamblin Artist Oil Colors Introductory Set

Why we love it?

  • Cost-effective option for functionality
  • Amazing quality with durability 
  • Incredible consistency and construction
  • Intense and rich colors for performance 
✅Excellent introductory oil color set ❌It might include the wrong colors in box
✅Highly effortless to use
✅Specially designed for beginners 
✅High-end quality and construction

5. Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint Set

Liquitex Basics 48

Why we love it?

  • High-quality and aesthetic pigments 
  • Beneficial to stick to many surfaces
  • Adjustable and versatile 
  • Good value for money
✅Convenient for traveling ❌Not effortless to clean 
✅Lightweight to handle 
✅Perfect for beginners 

6. Arteza Acrylic Paint, Set of 60 Colors

Arteza Acrylic Paint Set Of 60 Colors

Why we love it?

  • Wide range of 60 acrylic colors 
  • Provides a beneficial peace of mind
  • It Will fire your imagination
  • It helps you create exceptional paintings 
✅A perfectly designed gift❌It might be different from the original package 
✅Easy to use 
✅Multiple shades available 

7. Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Set 

Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Set

Why we love it?

  • Modern yet incredibly classy looks 
  • Original construction  with quality ingredients 
  • Beneficial to use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Ensures brilliant performance and functioning 
✅Convenient sizes bottles ❌Coverage isn’t great
✅High-end matte finishing
✅Durable so it will last longer 

8. FolkArt Acrylic Paint Set 

Folkart Acrylic Paint Set

Why we love it?

  • Excellent performance with fantastic pallet
  • Non-toxic and fully durable 
  • Matte finishing and effortless usage 
  • Designed to ensure consistency 
✅Innovative color choices❌A bit expensive 
✅Exceptional blending 
✅High-end matte formation

9. Arteza Oil Paint Set, 24 Colors

Arteza Oil Paint Set 24 Colors

Why we love it?

  • 24 vibrant colors for better functioning 
  • Pretty aspiring storage 
  • Immense painting adventure 
  • Durable and lasting paints 
✅Brilliant color options ❌No way to buy single paints 
✅Non-toxic and high-end quality
✅Exceptional covering capacity

10. Magicfly 30 Colors Acrylic Paint Set 

Magicfly 30 Colors Acrylic Paint Set

Why we love it?

  • A great buy with multiple uses 
  • Premium artistic paints quality
  • Efficient cleanup process 
  • Sturdy and durable paints 
✅High-end yet effortless use ❌Not much reliable for professionals 
✅A broad range of colors 
✅Long-lasting pigments 

11. MyArtscape Store Acrylic Paint Set 

Acrylic Paint Set 12 X 12ml

Why do we love it?

  • Strong and vibrant colors 
  • Wonderful and durable colors
  • One-year limited warranty 
  • Lasting and ever-green colors 
✅Versatile and high-end performance ❌Tube sizes aren’t much large 
✅Good value for money 
✅Incredibly easy to use
✅Good quality beautiful colors

The Bottom Line 

Remember the time we painted cardboards in schools when we were kids? Everyone has experienced it! We painted them with actual paints to make them a picture of what we dreamed, right?  But that’s not only the fact! The cardboard features some restrictions on paintings as it doesn’t allow you to use all types of paints. Therefore, you have to take care when painting cardboard as it offers a high level of creativity in painting it. 

Although you will find cardboard the most versatile and affordable one used for crafting, you know what? It bends easily while changing shapes, thereby making the painting highly challenging. Don’t worry! Choosing the right paint can help you win the battle with high accuracy and aesthetics. Our list of eleven products will provide you with the most unique and accessible experience, no doubt.

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Buying Guide for Best Cardboard Paints

There are many paint options you will ask yourself before going to market. That’s because there is a stack of top-notch models available. Have you seen how Apple Barrel has made some ground-breaking records in manufacturing quality paints? What about the grade offered by Gamblin? Can you not neglect the high-end aesthetics offered by Magicfly? All these paints are designed uniquely to provide users an exceptional experience. 

But wait! Isn’t it stressful to get the right paint that’s durable and ensures quality simultaneously? No need to worry! Our ultimate guide has got your back. You have to follow a few points carefully before getting into a specific model. Follow up the guide mentioned below to find the paint that suits you perfectly. 


Let’s consider the durability! The more durable the paint is, the longer it lasts. Find color with excellent coverage and matte finishing that allows it to last longer over the surface without compromising the quality. That’s crucial if you want to make the crafting and arts last, especially on your cardboards. 

Ease of use 

Ease of use and convenience should be your priority! Paint must be effortless to use while providing the painter’s peace of mind. Moreover, it should provide an easy and convenient cleaning process so you can focus more on paintings. It is pretty necessary to get an easy applying and durable paint, and there is no doubt about it. 


Lastly, the essential factor to consider is the price. Do people who have a low budget find it hard to spend on expensive paints, right? It’s not recommended to get a color set with a high price tag, seriously. You have to keep a balance between cost and quality if you want to enjoy the most amazing painting adventure. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to make cardboard glossy?

Do you desire to make the cardboard look glossy? Well, using silver acrylic will help you get the desired results. Other than this, you can go for metallic spray paint that will help you get additional shine. You must get ideal spray paint for cardboard to make it look more refined and glossy. 

Q2. What is the best paint to use on cardboard?

Although all paint on our list and top-notched and ensure quality performance with brilliant aesthetics. It is pretty intimidating to tell which model is the greatest when you have plenty of top-quality ones available on the market. But wait! Are you confused? Let’s take a closer look at the model we think would be perfect for you! 

Apple Barrel PROMOABI Craft Paint Set is a perfect amalgam of durability and performance that will not disappoint you in any manner. It provides you with a complete vibrant color set that meets every painter’s needs, from beginners to professionals.

Q3. How to paint cardboard? 

Is it effortless to paint cardboard? Well, it is a whole process, indeed. It’s not only about painting the cardboard while applying multiple layers after layers. There is much more when we talk about painting cardboard. Firstly, you need to apply a primer, and once it’s done, the painting process begins. Using acrylic and oil paints is effortless if you used the proper instructions. Using a dry brush with a sponge will help you prevent moisture while applying the paint thoroughly. 

If you want to know more, check out these 3 ways to paint on cardboard!

Q4. What is the best way to prevent wrapping and curling of your cardboard?

You will come across a complete procedure used to prevent the curling and wrapping of your cardboard. Follow the step below when you need to complete this process:

  • Firstly, store the cardboard in any dry area. Ensure that your cardboard will not get wet
  • Moreover, don’t get over a foam core that helps to fill the cardboard 
  • It is great if you use nitrocellulose or a polymer glue that work beneficially in priming the cardboard

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